I like the Chogyam Trungpa.  A good writer.

It looks like I was having some mud on June 8, partly due to more books.  The additional books no longer cause mud.

I have had some ordinary times.  Post beginner’s enthusiasm.  There is the useful sense in Buddhism that you can use everything.  You can use the most boring shadow of a disappointment.

I have been able to consistently journal, maybe for the first time ever.  I make an entry every day.  It’s easy.  So far today’s entry says “June 21”.

I had my first boring, ordinary depression, my first depression really, since I started meditation.  The depression started Sunday and ended earlier today [Friday], I think.  It was indistinguishable from fatigue.  I knew Saturday that it was going to start Sunday.  I was moderately productive and high-functioning during the depression.