In any universe, experience would inevitably develop.  I’m not sure it’s a good thing.  If the earth disappeared, suddenly ending all experience that happens here, would that be bad.  It often seems like experience is mostly pain.  If experience is mostly pain, should it be rejected, or can we imagine wanting to have experience even if it’s more than half pain.  The saddest thing we can think of is for the world to be half destroyed.  But if we knew it would all be destroyed, an asteroid scenario, would that be sad at all.  It could be, from the vantage point of individuals who are mostly enjoying experience, but from a slightly wider perspective it doesn’t seem sad at all.  It’s a relief to think of all life on earth suddenly and completely ending, or at least it could be if we thought that were a near term prospect.  I don’t know if this observation helps us tolerate a half-destroyed world.