My meditation practice & reading have been much less consistent the past couple of months, following about 6 months starting last May when the practice was consistent (daily).

However, interestingly, I don’t really feel like I’ve lost touch with it at all.  It’s not really fading.  And I still meditate sometimes and suspect I will get back to doing it daily.  It still seems very legitimate and necessary to me.

I might have expected a lapse like this would bring on more of a sense that maybe it was all a phase after all, and maybe it’s not necessary, but that is not the case.

Today something happened that in the past would have caused me a lot of stress, but it is not hitting me in the usual way, and I suspect this is because of meditation practice.  My mindset and mood have, at least at times, some freedom from circumstances, some freedom of movement regardless of circumstances, more so than I can recall in the past.